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Lees je favoriete tijdschrift digitaal

Pilots&Planes Military 4, PDF magazine

Pilots&Planes Military

Editie :4, Juli 2011

Verschenen op :12-07-2011


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In deze editie :Le Bourget revisited: show report about 49th Paris Airshow Le Bourget with a focus on military news. Also a photo report on the 50th anniversary of the Tiger Meer and a report about the centennial of the Turkish Air Force. There are 19 Low Flying Aera (LFA) in the United Kingdom, of which LFA 7 is the most spectacular. Experience the real low flying!

Over Pilots&Planes Military :Pilots & Planes Military is an independent military aviation magazine. It reports about international military aviation in the broadest sense thinkable: unique, exciting and always stories about the unexpected!

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